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Your Safety

Your SafetyOur dedicated team of Board Certified Gynecologists, with combined experience of over 100 years in their field, will guarrantee you the lowest complication rate.

Early term abortion is performed via a D&C (Dilation & Curettage), which evacuates the early pregnancy from the uterus using gentle suction. An alternative method, the Abortion Pill, inhibits certain pregnancy hormones and induces an early miscarriage.

Second trimester – 13-24 weeks

Abortion in the second trimester (13-24 weeks) is called a D&E, or Dilation and Evacuation. In some D&E procedures, laminaria, a natural dilator, is used to gently dilate the cervix over a period of several hours, or overnight in order to preserve the integrity of the cervix.

The risk to the patient is greater in the second trimester. The decision to have an abortion should be made early and performed as soon as possible for the lowest risk. Unlike many locations, our facility provides an MD Anesthesiologist along with the most experienced gynecologist for your safety and comfort.

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