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Pregnancy Prevention

Emergency Contraception

Celebrating 40 years of excellence in Women´s healthcare, MMA and some of the best known and most experienced board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologists introduce to Women´s care a most revolutionary method of Pregnancy Prevention. Take the risk of an unwanted pregnancy out of your relationship. We offer the peace of mind that ANY unforeseen sexual event will be resolved before it comes to the need for an abortion.

We take emergency contraception to new level. Using methods like Plan B without the supervision of an experienced Gynecologist can created more problem then solutions and have serious side effects coupled with improper timing. We provide immediate MD availability, same day consultations without long clinic waits, and very inexpensive alternatives to individualize the medical response to your emergency situation, like unprotected sex and questions about possible pregnancy. We offer 24/07 follow-up. Call us any time after the exposure. There are NO time limits for providing our services.

We use a combination of drugs like Plan B, Mifiprex, Provera, Mehtotrexate, IUDs and methods like menstrual aspiration and manual MD aspiration. We provide a state of the art laboratory facility that offers immediate lab results to follow-up the presence of pregnancy hormones and also the presence or absence of venereal diseases.

We can offer you the following immediate resolution in different situations related to sexual intercourse:

• Unprotected Sexual Exposure
• Condom Failure
• Irregular bleeding when using birth control pills
• Irregular blending or no blending when using the DEPO shut
• Peri menopausal irregularities
• Protracted amenorrhea after a surgical abortion or miscarriage
• Protracted Amenorrhea after a delivery

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