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What to Expect

Your SafetyFor First Trimester abortions:

Our receptionist will greet you and ask that you fill out a medical history form.

A laboratory work-up will be done including blood analysis, RH typing, and urine and/or blood pregnancy test.

A board certified Gynecologist will evaluate you and perform an ultrasound to determine your health status and the length of your pregnancy.

Metropolitan Medical Associates waiting room

A counselor will then explain the abortion procedure to you. She will discuss contraception methods and will answer any questions and address

any concerns you may have. She will also consult with our Gynecologist for any medical decisions.

In the operating room, you will be attended by a board certified Gynecologist, an MD Anesthesiologist and a registered nurse.

After the abortion, you will rest in the Recovery Room for about one half hour. A Registered Nurse and Medical Assistant will be there to assist you.

We strongly recommend a two week follow-up appointment with your own physician or planned parenthood councelor. Please call for an appointment.

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