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Washington Heights abortion doctor talks to patient about pain management
One of the most commonly asked questions people ask the our experienced abortion doctor in Washington Heights, NY, is related to how painful it is. While pain is subjective and your experience might be different from someone else’s, pain management after an abortion is essential. Here’s what the experts have to say about abortion aftercare.  Does an Abortion Hurt? You’ll be under someRead More
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woman taking abortion pills in Harlem
Have you heard the saying that knowledge is power? Well, it’s true, especially when it concerns medical procedures. While abortion pills aren’t necessarily new, you might not know how they work or what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about abortion pills in Harlem, New York.  What Are Abortion Pills, and How Do They Work? Abortion pills in Harlem, also calledRead More
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abortion clinic Hudson County
Choosing an abortion clinic is an important decision. There are quite a few factors to consider. The key is to get organized in your search and know what to look for, but don’t stop there. You also need to know what to avoid. Make the search easy by letting this be your expert guide to finding the best abortion clinic in Hudson County,Read More
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common abortion questions answered
If you are considering terminating a pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions. That’s perfectly normal! Here, the top abortion doctor near Riverdale, NY, answers some of the most commonly asked questions.  Six Common Questions Our Riverdale Abortion Doctor Gets 1) I’ve Heard of the Abortion Pill, but What Is It Exactly and How Does It Work? The abortion pill, or medicalRead More
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abortion pill cost Hoboken
The abortion pill was approved by the FDA in 2000, making it possible for many women to safely terminate a pregnancy without surgery. If you’re considering this option and live in New Jersey, you may have questions. What is the abortion pill exactly? Is it safe? What is the abortion pill cost in Hoboken, NJ? Also, does insurance ever cover the pill? IsRead More
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abortion pill near Washington Heights
Abortion pills should always be prescribed by doctors, no one else, to women who qualify. While the second prescription medication (misoprostol) can be taken at home, the first medication (mifepristone) should be taken at an abortion clinic. If you are looking for abortion pills near Washington Heights, NY, this guide will help you find a clinic in which you’ll feel safe. How toRead More
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