Before You Get the Abortion Pill in Hoboken … Here’s What You Should Know

Are you considering terminating a pregnancy? Making your decision may be extremely easy, exceptionally difficult, or anywhere in between. If you want to get the abortion pill in Hoboken, New Jersey, this comprehensive guide is just what you need to feel better informed!

What is Medical Abortion Exactly? Is It Effective?

Medical abortion, commonly referred to as abortion pills, is a process to terminate a pregnancy through the medications mifepristone and misoprostol. It can be utilized for up to 10 weeks after conception and is considered safe with little risk.

Overall, medical abortion within the appropriate time frame and under proper medical guidance is up to 98% effective. 

What’s the Difference Between Abortion Pills and “The Morning After” Emergency Contraception?

There is a distinct difference between the two medications, which lies in the intended effects.

  • Emergency contraception is intended to prevent pregnancy altogether and does not end a pregnancy. It prevents or delays ovulation and is effective when taken soon after sex.
  • Medical abortion is designed to terminate an existing pregnancy.

To get the abortion pill in Hoboken, New Jersey, you should have a pregnancy test first. You should not have medical abortion without confirmation of conception. Conversely, you should not attempt to use emergency contraception to terminate a pregnancy.

Is the Abortion Pill Legal in New Jersey?

Yes, medical abortion is legal in the state of New Jersey at this time and likely will remain so, even with the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2022 that overturned Roe v. Wade, or the constitutional right to an abortion. 

Abortion is a fundamental right in this state, and there are no mandatory waiting periods. Parental notification is not required, so minors can consent to the procedure without having to notify a guardian. There is also no ban based on gestational age. However, regulations and laws regarding abortion in New Jersey can and do change.

What Are the Steps to Taking Abortion Pills?

Mifepristone is the first step. It comes in a single pill and is typically administered in a medical setting during your appointment after a pregnancy is confirmed. Mifepristone hinders the pregnancy hormone progesterone and breaks down the uterine lining.

The second step is Misoprostol, which consists of four pills to be taken 24 to 48 hours following the first pill. This is often done in a more comfortable setting, such as your home. These pills may be prescribed for use either orally or vaginally. Misoprostol helps your body expel the fetal tissue. You will likely feel cramps and experience bleeding after taking misoprostol, similar to your period. You may also experience symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and other gastrointestinal issues.

Is it Safe to Get the Abortion Pill by Mail?

Telehealth makes access to healthcare easier, allowing you to speak with a healthcare provider online. 

But is this safe for the abortion pill? While it’s preferred to have in-person care, there may be no additional risks related to completing both steps of medical abortion at home for patients who are properly educated on how to safely do so.

However, it is key to ensure you seek proper medical care from licensed and qualified healthcare providers to obtain your abortion pills. Be sure to get immediate care for any complications that arise.

To Get the Abortion Pill in Hoboken, Turn to Nearby Metropolitan Medical Associates

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