Looking for the Safest Abortion Clinic in Manhattan, NY?

Looking for the Safest Abortion Clinic in Manhattan, NY? Here’s What You Should Know

You absolutely want to choose an abortion clinic that makes your health a priority if you’re making this decision, and you also want one that will protect your privacy and keep you as safe as possible.

Follow these simple steps to help you find a safe healthcare facility.

Make Sure Your Privacy and Safety Are of the Utmost Concern

Find out what measures the clinic takes to ensure your confidentiality, and ask about security measures. You should never feel judged or afraid.

A Safe Abortion Clinic Adheres to Certain Standards

Choose a clinic that has a board-certified doctor such as a gynecologist on staff. Make sure the clinic is clean, that medical safety / emergency protocols are in place, and never be afraid to ask questions.

Take Time to Visit Potential Clinics

Once you’ve gathered the names and locations of clinics, stop by for a visit. Pay attention to the surroundings and how you feel. Listen to your instincts. Does anything feel off? If so, that’s not the right clinic for you. Is the environment clean and welcoming? How did the staff make you feel?

Steer Clear of These Types of Clinics

You’ve probably seen ads for crisis clinics. The reality about these clinics is that they are usually anti-abortion clinics with an agenda. They may attempt to guilt you into changing your mind. They’ll appear as a normal doctor’s office, so be wary and don’t fall prey to their often pushy tactics.

Looking for the Safest Abortion Clinic in Manhattan, NY? Choose Metropolitan Medical Associates in Nearby Englewood, NJ!

If you are searching for compassionate care in a safe and professional environment, then give us a call at 800-932-0378. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

If you prefer, you can schedule your appointment online. Our board-certified gynecologists have a combined 100+ years of experience, and their priority is keeping you safe and healthy.

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