Will My Insurance Cover an Abortion in Hackensack, New Jersey?

Will My Insurance Cover an Abortion

The first concern many people have about a medical procedure is the cost. You might be asking, “Will my insurance cover an abortion in Hackensack, New Jersey?”

While there is not a straightforward answer, there are things you should consider. 

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Before we answer your question, “Will my insurance cover an abortion in Hackensack, New Jersey?” we should look at how much they cost. 

Your cost depends on the type of abortion, and it can average between $300 to $3,000. The abortion pill is typically on the lower range, while surgery ccosts more. 

You Should First Check With Your Insurance Carrier

As with any medical procedure, the best place to start financially is with your insurance provider.

While many private plans will not cover the expense, it’s best to speak with them to find out what they do and do not cover. 

Questions you might want to ask:

  • If they cover abortion costs, does it cover all costs or will you have out-of-pocket expenses? 
  • If you need any type of tests, are they covered?
  • Do you need to see a particular provider to make sure you’re covered? 
  • If so, can they provide you with the information for that provider? 
  • If you need medication afterward, will that be covered? 
  • What about follow-up doctor visits? Do they cover all follow-up visits? 
  • Are complications covered?

The Laws in Your State Likely Play a Part In Insurance Coverage

In some states, laws prohibit abortion coverage by insurance comapnies, while others have certain restrictions.

For example, Colorado only restricts Medicaid from providing insurance coverage for abortions.

Let Metropolitan Medical Associates Help You Answer, “Will My Insurance Cover an Abortion in Hackensack, New Jersey?”

We understand navigating insurance laws and regulations can be difficult, so we’d like to help. If you have questions regarding coverage, please contact us at 201-429-9748.

One of our dedicated, professional team members will be happy to assist you.

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