Abortion Pill Cost in Hoboken: The Complete Guide to Financial Considerations

The abortion pill was approved by the FDA in 2000, making it possible for many women to safely terminate a pregnancy without surgery. If you’re considering this option and live in New Jersey, you may have questions. What is the abortion pill exactly? Is it safe? What is the abortion pill cost in Hoboken, NJ?

Also, does insurance ever cover the pill? Is financial help available to cover the cost of an abortion? Consider this your expert guide to a medical abortion

What is a Medical Abortion, and How Does It Work?

A medical abortion, aka the abortion pill, otherwise known as medical abortion, actually combines two prescription medications, mifepristone and misoprostol, that are taken at different times.

  • Mifepristone blocks the production of progesterone, which is needed to grow a pregnancy. It also causes your uterus to contract and eliminate pregnancy tissue. You’ll take mifepristone first at your abortion doctor’s office.
  • Misoprostol is often taken at home. This medication can be taken right away or up to 48 hours after the first pill. Follow all instructions given to you by your doctor. 

How Successful is the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill is given to women who are 10 weeks or less into a pregnancy. Studies have shown a 94% to 98% efficacy rate for pregnancies eight weeks or less with only a slight decrease in efficacy for pregnancies nine to 10 weeks. 

What Does a Medical Abortion Feel Like?

It is possible to feel cramping and experience bleeding that is heavier than your period after taking the second medication. You’ll also likely notice blood clots and tissue being eliminated from your vagina. 

Are There Side Effects Associated With the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill is considered incredibly safe, but as with any medical procedures there is the possibility of side effects. This may include diarrhea, nausea, headache, fever, and / or chills. You should plan on resting after taking the second pill as you may feel tired as well. 

You might also benefit from taking a day from work or school. You should also plan on avoiding strenuous exercise for a few days. It’s important you take it easy until the side effects start to subside. 

Complications are quite rare, but if you notice any of the following you should seek emergency help: 

  • A fever of 100.4 or higher more than 24 hours after taking the second medication
  • Pain that doesn’t get better with pain relievers
  • No blood loss for 24 hours after taking the second medication
  • Passing large blood clots (the size of a lemon or larger) for longer than two hours

How Much Does the Abortion Pill Cost in Hoboken?

The average cost is $500 for the abortion pill. You’ll be given the abortion pill cost in Hoboken, NJ, by your provider before you are given the medications to be sure you can cover the expense. 

Does Insurance Cover the Abortion Pill Cost?

It is possible your insurance may cover some or all of the cost. The best way to find out is to contact your insurance provider directly. You should ask what percentage is covered and whether any follow-up visits to your abortion doctor are covered. 

In New Jersey, Medicaid does cover the cost of the abortion pill. However, you will need to apply for this assistance and be approved first. 

Is There Financial Assistance Available for the Abortion Pill Cost in Hoboken?

If you do not have insurance coverage, you may be eligible for financial assistance. The National Network of Abortion Funds works with many clinics in the country to help women who are unable to fully fund their own pregnancy termination. 

There are steps you need to follow to receive funding, and it should be noted you’ll likely only receive partial funding and not the entire cost. You need to first make an appointment with the abortion clinic, and they will contact the NNAF on your behalf. Money will not be sent directly to you. 

It is important to determine how much you can contribute to the cost of the abortion pill on your own before looking for a funding source. It is also possible there is more than one source of funding in your area. 

Are There Additional Expenses to Consider With a Medical Abortion?

There may be a few. You’ll need a pregnancy test and ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. You might also have an STD screening. You should consider abortion pill aftercare too. You’ll want to have a heating pad, pain relievers, and tampons or pads. If you are taking time off work or need help with childcare at home, you might want to consider that when budgeting as well. 

If you plan on birth control, that is an additional expense that is usually covered by insurance. You should find out from your insurance provider the forms of birth control that are covered. 

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