How Do I Find the Safest Abortion Clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey?

Choosing a safe abortion clinic is paramount to your health.

While each clinic is different, there are so basic dos and don’ts for finding the safest abortion clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Don’t Trust Internet Ads

Ad banners and pop-ups that appear on websites are quite popular, but that doesn’t mean they should be trusted. It’s best to use the following steps to find a clinic that will keep you safe.

Hospitals and Gynecologists are Good Sources of Information

You do not have to be a patient to ask questions over the phone. Most hospitals and gynecologist offices will happily share with you the names and contact information for safe abortion clinics.

When You Contact Abortion Clinics, Know What Questions to Ask

Think of this as an important interview. Before making a decision on the safest abortion clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey, it’s important that you ask the right questions.

Pay a Visit to the Clinic, and Listen to Your Instincts

It isn’t just about getting the right answers. If possible, you want to visit the clinic before your appointment and make sure it’s clean, safe, and welcoming. Do you feel comfortable? Was the staff friendly?

Let your instincts guide you, as well. Pay attention to how you feel while you’re there. Gut feelings are most often reliable, so if you don’t feel good about a clinic, skip it and move on to another one.

If You are Looking for the Safest Abortion Clinic in Hackensack, New Jersey Make This Call

The team at Metropolitan Medical Associates is here for you, and we want to put your mind at ease. Our staff of board-certified gynecologists provides individualized, compassionate care to all our patients.

To book your appointment, contact us at 800-932-0378. We also invite you to read our FAQs for new patients to learn more!

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