Terminating a Pregnancy in Manhattan? What Abortion Doctors Want You to Know

In June of 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the constitutionally protected right to an abortion. This has had significant implications for women across the country. Many states enacted strict abortion laws, either banning them or heavily restricting them, since they were given the power to set their own legislation. Here’s what abortion doctors want you to know if you’re thinking about terminating a pregnancy in Manhattan.

Here’s What Abortion Doctors in Manhattan Want You to Know

The top priorities of any provider offering surgical and/or medical abortions should be your health and your autonomy. They should offer affordable, safe, and compassionate care when considering and in the process of terminating a pregnancy. Here’s what else you should know if you have found yourself in need of making a major medical decision about whether to end a pregnancy.

  • Abortions are safe. If you choose a reputable medical practice, you have a very low risk of complications from your procedure or medication. Be sure to choose a licensed and qualified health care provider that adheres to all medical guidelines and safety standards.
  • You have options. The abortion pill, or medical abortion, is only one method, and a surgical procedure is another. There are two pills used for a medical abortion, mifepristone and misoprostol. These can only be used during the first 70 days of gestation. Surgical abortions, like a D&C and a D&E, can be performed at any time up until 24 weeks, though the method used depends on the gestational age.
  • The overturning of Roe v Wade didn’t restrict abortion laws in New York, New Jersey, and certain other states. In some states, you still have the same rights as you did before the Supreme Court ruling in 2022.

Abortion in New Jersey is legal at any stage of pregnancy without restriction as long as the procedure is performed in a specified facility. There are no waiting periods required, nor are ultrasounds required. Parental notification is not either.

Abortion in New York is legal before the 24th week of pregnancy when there is an absence of fetal viability regardless of gestational age, and / or when it is “necessary to protect the patient’s life or health” regardless of gestational age. Like New Jersey, New York doesn’t require waiting periods, parental notification, or ultrasounds. 

These two states have some of the least restrictive laws regulating abortion.

  • You have the right to make your own decisions about your body. The reason(s) you are considering an abortion is irrelevant, and you have the right to safe care if you decide to end your pregnancy.
  • When trying to decide between abortion doctors in Manhattan, look for the following qualifications. You need a provider who actively and empathetically listens to you when you’re speaking. They should let you know that you can speak freely and without judgment and that they are there for you in terms of support. The healthcare professional you choose should not use languaging that makes you feel guilty, shamed, or criticized about your choices.

They should care about your wellbeing and help you understand your options so you feel empowered to make the best decisions for yourself. Their role is to educate you through unbiased information about your options. Your provider should be able to accurately and confidently answer any questions you may have.

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